Friday, January 29, 2010


I just realized that I LIKE where I live. Not the house, but the location. I have a creek flowing in my backyard and right now there is a full moon out. What a blessing in a mostly arid climate!

OK, a car just went by on the highway and reminded me that I DON'T like being right on the highway. Darn it!

So maybe at the new house we can create some water features with the irrigation system and I can have the best of both worlds. Water and no traffic noise. Yeah, I like it.

The picture is from the upper level looking southeast towards the creek. The trees are so green because of all the water they get from the creek. The flock must have thought Tony had treats!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Will It Ever Happen?

Tony and I have talked about building a house for a very long time. Longer than we've been married. Where, what kind, how to finance, solar options, etc. For our first anniversary we spent the weekend trying out different layouts. We bought a book that had gorgeous floor plans that we thought we could scale down to our price range. I think the smallest floor plan in the book was over 5000 sq ft! If it came with a built in housekeeper I might enjoy that, but I have a hard time keeping 1000 sq ft clean and uncluttered!

A few months later we came across an opportunity to buy a chunk of land with some acquaintances. We'd get 2 acres for less than most 1 acre parcels were going for and wed have good neighbors built into the deal. We decided to go for it and I hoped then that it would speed up our design process, but it hasn't.

I think the biggest hold up is that some of our financing options have disappeared and we're not sure we want to take on a mortgage. This place we're in now was supposed to be temporary and we've been here almost two years now. It's not a good set up for homemaking and I feel like I'm spinning my wheels in that department.

We just might have found a good option that will get things rolling soon. If it materializes I'll write about it!